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Video and audio production
in the UK

TopBox Media is a production studio for the creative digital market based in Norwich – Norfolk in the South East of England.

We specialise in both video production and audio production, and can also offer graphic and concept design through our chosen production partners.

We offer a client specific service bespoke to your budget; from a 10 second marketing promo to a feature length broadcast documentary. We strive to give every client the assurance of making the most for their budget. Ensuring that the high standards we set ourselves never fall short of excellent.

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Video Production

More than 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube... not to mention Vimeo and alike. So who could possibly want to watch it all? The answer is…Very few, unless it's either hilariously funny OR really well produced. Here we can ensure that your film IS really well produced, and stands out from the crowd on this now invaluable global promotion tool.

Of course not all films are produced for the web, and we've been making films for television and DVD for quite some time. Choose TopBox Media as your production partner and you can be assured that we will put all that expertise to very good use.

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Audio Production

We love sound jobs! We've had a hand (or ear) in the broadcast sound world since 1995 and have worked on; live music event recordings, Sky sports, TV studio based, and location shoots all over the world... you name it we've been there.

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Promotional Films

We live in a very 'brand aware' world, and video has emerged as the outright winner for format of choice when it comes to promoting your brand, product or service.

Brand marketing and brand awareness strategy is integral in all that we do at TopBox Media.

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Training Films

They've been around since the dawn of time.. well the dawn of VHS anyway. You can't beat a well made training film for the quickest and most memorable way of showing either; new employees, or visitors, the way in which they can stay safe and stay productive.